Interview – Elizabeth Spann Craig on being a Traditional AND Indie author

Elizabeth Spann Craig started as a traditionally published author more than a dozen years ago. While she maintains good relationships with publishers, a change in direction of one publisher led her to begin self publishing. After the publisher dropped a series she began, fans kept begging for more titles. She obtained the rights and began self-publishing.

Here she details her journey, how she interacts with fans, and how her writing has evolved and advice for other authors trying to make their way in a crazy world. Continue reading

Interview – Anisa Claire West on writing cozy mysteries

Anisa Claire West writes a group of Cozy Culinary Mysteries that are cute, and well, yummy, in addition to some romantic genres. Similar to a series, she writes a set of books (23 books so far!) that are similar, but not necessarily a series. I personally love the idea – and many will probably have their own thoughts about it as writing series is thought to be a good way to get repeat purchasers. But her idea is similar, but also potentially allows for a wider selection of stories that might be beyond just one character. What are your thoughts?

She graciously answered some questions I had just for her about her writing methods and marketing, and she also shared her perspective for new writers. Continue reading

Book Promotional Services

book-promotion A lot of experts and authors recommend using promotional service like to get lots of sales and reviews which then boost your Amazon Best Seller Ranking. But most of us have been rejected by Bookbub for a variety of unspecific reasons. Continue reading