Interview – Midge Newth on writing kids books

I found Midge Newth by seeing her books that were appearing next to my kids books and saw that she not only had some very cute books, but also a good amount of reviews. It turns out that she recently jumped into the arena like many of us.So I wanted to find out how she got started and how she dealt with the challenges of being a new author. Continue reading

Interview – Elizabeth Spann Craig on being a Traditional AND Indie author

Elizabeth Spann Craig started as a traditionally published author more than a dozen years ago. While she maintains good relationships with publishers, a change in direction of one publisher led her to begin self publishing. After the publisher dropped a series she began, fans kept begging for more titles. She obtained the rights and began self-publishing.

Here she details her journey, how she interacts with fans, and how her writing has evolved and advice for other authors trying to make their way in a crazy world. Continue reading

Interview – Anisa Claire West on writing cozy mysteries

Anisa Claire West writes a group of Cozy Culinary Mysteries that are cute, and well, yummy, in addition to some romantic genres. Similar to a series, she writes a set of books (23 books so far!) that are similar, but not necessarily a series. I personally love the idea – and many will probably have their own thoughts about it as writing series is thought to be a good way to get repeat purchasers. But her idea is similar, but also potentially allows for a wider selection of stories that might be beyond just one character. What are your thoughts?

She graciously answered some questions I had just for her about her writing methods and marketing, and she also shared her perspective for new writers. Continue reading