Using keywords to get into secret* categories on amazon

*OK, they aren’t really secret, but it takes special keywords to get placed into them.
Amazon has a variety of 3rd and 4th level categories that aren’t listed in the category selection tool when you are adding/editing your book in KDP. Often, it is helpful to have your book in a smaller category so that it can get higher exposure and hopefully more sales. So how do you find those categories to put your book into them, if they aren’t available for selecting. You need to add secret keyword! Continue reading

Amazon Best Sellers Rank = how many books?

Trying to make sales go up.

Trying to make sales go up.

Most Amazon Kindle authors (surprisingly not all) know what the Best Seller Rank is – kinda. We all know that we want to be as close to #1 as we can be. But, most of us will never attain that.

Thankfully the clever folks at Amazon gave us categories, and sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories, sometimes even more. So, now at least I can say I’ve reached #1 in a sub-category and a sub-sub category – however they calculate it – and I can tell you I felt like a winner – kinda.

Despite reaching the top of a sub-category – which, by the way, may help boost sales – the actual number, or indicator of success, is the Best Sellers Rank. But if we’re making money (or not), what difference does Amazon’s Best Seller Rank make, if it’s only an indicator of sales? To make the number better, I need to sell more books. Selling more books is the only way that number changes. So why should I even care about the rank? Why not just focus on getting sales?

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50 versions of a cover – argh

cozy covers

45 variations of covers for a cozy novel – yikes.

I almost called this post – 50 ways to leave your cover, but I didn’t know who’d get that :)

If you’ve been working on publishing a book on Amazon, you know that the cover is one of the most important things you need to get right – YES, people judge a book by its cover. But what is right? What does a professional cover look like? There are so many different types of covers.

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