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Are you a successful Indie/Self-published Author?
Or are you a micro press/small publisher helping authors?
If so, we’d love to interview you.

What we define as a successful Indie/self-published author:

  • You are self-published (or a micro publisher) on kindle, or similar
    *even if you have other works with a traditional publisher.
  • You have multiple and primarily positive reviews of your work.
  • You have more than 1 book or your first was very successful.
  • You make income from your publishing efforts – we might ask ;).

We want to help you too. What we do for you:

  • We will add your short bio about you / your books.
    * we can use your alias or real name as you choose.
  • We will link to your website, if you choose.
  • We will link up to 3 titles of yours.
  • We will share your interview with our networks / list.

We can do Audio or Written interview. For audio, we can do skype (preferably) or phone, and record it. For written, you can select questions from a list we will share with you, or we may select questions that are more appropriate for your specific situation.

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