Over the last few years and especially with Amazon’s investment in the Kindle and e-book market, the use of portable electronic book readers has become pretty common, and the need and desire for material to read on them has grown significantly with their use. Previous to this, ebooks we just pdfs or long documents that required a portable computer.

But since the iPod and consequently portable document readers, the ebook world has resurged and Amazon has been at the forefront pushing the standard for how we read ebooks. While not everyone is thrilled with this, it has changed the world we know.

Consequently, there has been an explosion of opportunities for aspiring authors.  Not only are people looking for materials to read on the Kindle and other eReaders, but due to the lack of willingness of traditional publishers to fill that market, that market became ripe for those brave authors to test the new frontier of ebooks.

Whether it be children’s books, or that novel that has been buried inside, new authors have emerged and new ebooks are becoming available at a rapid rate.  And with that, many authors are finding success – not just personal satisfaction, but recognition and financial rewards. Some have made millions in a short time, others have left a soul-crushing career and realized a new life of joy doing what they love.

And that is what this site is about – reaching out to successful Indie Authors, no matter how small, and hearing their story.